First Aid

The Red Cross is leader in education for prevention, preparation and providing response to animal daunting situation, offering its services to the population for their massive training and building safer and healthier communities. Through this program, the Red Cross of Macedonia tries to contribute saving of human lives and at the same time strengthening communities, bringing hope and security together with practical skills.

Red Cross of Macedonia is committed to continuous improvement of the quality of programs for emergency created according to the needs of target groups in order to facilitate their access to these programs. The Red Cross strives to meet the needs of different target groups such as: children of kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools, candidates for motor drivers, people responsible for safety and health in workplace, people with disabilities and so on through issuing different educational and informational material with the latest updated information in the field of first aid.

Regular activities:

  • Providing first aid courses for students from primary and secondary schools, who will be able to help their classmates, by giving them first aid, in case of an emergency
  • Organizing national first aid competition;
  • Participation in the Red Cross team at the European Convention for emergency and first aid
  • Celebration of World First Aid Day
  • Celebration of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
  • Training in first aid for motor vehicles drivers
  • Training in first aid at the workplace for candidates from public and private enterprises.
  • Development of first aid courses, adopted to the needs of specific target groups (children of kindergarten, children from primary and secondary schools, sports clubs, civic associations, the population from rural areas, people with disabilities and so on.).
  • Organizing high quality education for the Red Cross of the Republic Macedonia volunteers participating in the training and activities in the field of first aid
  • Continuous operation in the field of traffic safety through building operational alliances at local and national levels with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Considering the fact that first aid is a vital initial intervention that helps reducing serious injuries and increases the chances of survival, the Red Cross / Red Crescent movement seeks for the first aid to be accessible for everyone and at least one person in every family has the opportunity to learn how to indicate first aid

The Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia, as a member of the European Reference Centre for Education in first aid and at the same time a leader in education in first aid, is an institution that continuously monitors the recommendations and innovations in the field of first aid and therefore introduce them in the process of educating different target groups with an aim to ensure the quality of its programs for first aid. Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia meets the conditions regarding criteria and standards declared by the European Reference Centre for First Aid and in addition received the right to issue first aid certificates for candidates for drivers with the sign of EFAC.

The Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia make efforts towards providing quality and accessible education and skills in first aid for every citizen regardless of his/her socio-economic status, religion, nationality, profession and other discriminatory factors. We advise you to visit some of the first aid courses that are organized by the Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia

First Aid courses for candidates for drivers

Taking immediate actions and applying correct and appropriate first aid measures and procedures in case of accidents, including traffic accidents too, is very important for saving lives.

It is very important to indicate first aid accurately and right away in order to be able to help the person who is injured. If the first aid is given improperly, it may lead to endangering the lives of the injured people.

By attending courses conducted by the Red Cross you can gain:

-theoretical and practical first aid knowledge and skills. The course lasts 8 hours and at the end of the training it is required from every candidate to take and successfully pass an exam. After a successful exam completion, a certificate for first aid for drivers is issued, as well as a manual for first aid for drivers.

The price for the First Aid course cost 850 denars for candidates that live in Skopje and for candidates outside Skopje, the price of the course is 1200 denars.

First aid for companies

Regarding the Law for Safety and Health at Work every workplace must provide first aid training and coursed for their employees.

The Red Cross is organizing three kinds of courses for companies such as:

  • Basic Course (6 hours) – Price 1200,00 denars
  • Advanced Course 1 (8h) – Price 1450,00 denars.
  • Advanced Course 2 (13 hours) – Price 2000,00 denars

First aid for different target groups

Depending on your interest and needs, the Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia organize specific training and courses for first-aid, so please contact the nearest local Red Cross organization and ask for more information ….

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