Areas for cooperation and partnership with the Red Cross

Possibilities for partnership cooperation with MRC
Macedonian Red Cross implements its programme tasks and activities in compliance with the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which are defined in different programme areas and which provided basis for cooperation with the corporate sector for implementation of joint socially useful programmes:
Promotion of the health and safe life of the people
The health preventive programme is targeted towards promotion of the health of the people as an important precondition for preserving human life, human dignity and human rights through improvement of the health and prevention and decreasing of risks, through promotion of safer life and increased protection of the environment as a relevant factor for our health. The health programme is implemented through organizing health education, development and distribution of health information educational material, mobilization of target groups, promotion of health related activities in cooperation with the responsible institutions and enhancing the local capacities, raising health awareness and decreasing stigma and discrimination towards the vulnerable groups. The activities in the area of first aid as an integral part of the health promotion are targeted towards enhancing the resilience of the communities through increasing the number of educated people for provision of first aid as an important life-saving human skill of the citizens. The voluntary non-remunerated blood donation as a human act is based on the principles of voluntary donation, anonymity and non-remuneration and is targeted towards raising public awareness, motivation and recruitment of new blood donors who will promote healthy and safe way of living.
Decreasing the vulnerability of the population
represents the main goal of the social humanitarian programme. The activities in this area are targeted towards provision of assistance, care and services for covering priority needs of the vulnerable population, improvement of the socialization and integration of the vulnerable target groups in the communities in order to protect the dignity and improve the life of the persons who found themselves in unfavorable situation. The social prevention is also an important segment of the social –humanitarian programme which is implemented with different target groups of the population in order to provide protection and coping with specific social risks.
Disaster preparedness and response
The main objective of the programme is participation in the provision of efficient support for alleviation of the consequences from natural and manmade disasters. The operation in such situations is targeted towards provision of shelter for the vulnerable population, rescue operations, decreasing the suffering of the people, and protection and assistance for the population affected by the disaster. The activities are targeted also on raising public awareness for protection and self-protection of the population with emphasis on the youth, and provision of training for volunteers in order to be able, depending on the specific situations, to prevent further damage and loss of human life and livelihoods.
Youth activities
Macedonian Red Cross youth implements most of the field activities of the national society and it represents the initiator of the ideas for improvement of the efficiency of Macedonian Red Cross. With its creativity, dynamics and the specific approach in the operation the youth is integral part of all programmes of the national society. Organized in 35 clubs on local level and the Youth Council on national level, they operate as agents of behavioral change and promotion of the culture of dialogue, nonviolence and peace. Dealing with the modern social and economic challenges, the main emphasis is placed on the social inclusion of the vulnerable population, building the culture of prevention and active approach towards life.
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